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OG Kush CBD Powder for Sale in Canada
Buy Raw CBD Crystal from Diamond Concentrates

This is CBD crystal extracted from OG Kush with 5% terepenes infused Because, why not?

1/2 gram jar of nearly pure CBD crystals! Perfect for dabbing medicinal strength CBD

Like to use a shotgun to kill a mosquito? Then you’re the right type of person for raw CBD crystals! Load it in a dab rig and get a huge shot of CBD…the feeling is a calm one, while it’s not psychoactive, you did just take a dab of pure white powder…it’s gonna do something…

Of course, you can use it to perfectly meter out your dosing for edibles. This product can be consumed in a mild manner for those looking to consume only pure CBD.

The price looks nice, but notice that each jar is only .5 grams

4 reviews for OG KUSH CBD CRYSTALS

  1. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    this is the best cbd ever keep it up.

  2. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    caligreen is just the best got it safe thanks.

  3. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    your the best caligren peace

  4. 420 Green Weed Dispensary (verified owner)

    wow the cbd was just to my taste

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